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Твоя стратегия создания инноваций должна гармонично вписываться в твои корпоративные видение, ценности, стратегические мотиваторы, ресурсы, способности и стратегии роста. Твой стратегический подход к созданию инноваций должен нацеливаться не только на небольшие эволюционные улучшения, но и на создание прорывов, меняющих правила игры на рынке. It should be holistic, systemic and systematic. It should weave together various dimensions to produce a range of outcomes that drive growth and use a disciplined yet creative process.  >>>


Ларри Пейдж, основатель Google

Я скорей позволю людям думать, что я в замешательстве, чем раскрою  конкурентам наши стратегические намерения.  >>>

Ларри Пейдж




Synergize your innovation portfolio. Leverage opportunities among innovation projects, technologies, processes, products, and markets to achieve more with less while reducing development risk and freeing people up to work on tasks that generate greater customer value.

Synergize diversities to unleash power on both personal and organizational level. Facilitate an exciting and dynamic cross-pollination of ideas among people with different cultural, educational, scientific, and business backgrounds.


Tom Kelley quotes on innovation

Organizations should allow serendipity to happen, because all of the magic is at the intersection of disciplines now.  >>>

Tom Kelley




Your innovation system establishes the driving forces and the innovation process that help you develop unique continuous innovation practices and become a market champion. An innovation system consists of such key elements as an inspiring vision, strategic intent, managerial leadership, innovation-friendly organization, culture for innovation, strategic motivation, innovation processes, tools, metrics, and rewards.

Steve Jobs on innovation

To turn ideas and technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines.

Steve Jobs




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