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Tom Kelley quotes on innovation

The key element of the art of innovation is treating life as an experiment

‒ living with the idea that you need to continuously try things

as opposed to just sticking to the knitting.  >>>

Tom Kelley


Tom Kelley quotes on innovation

Quick prototyping is about acting before you've got the answers, about taking chances, stumbling a little, but then making it right.

Tom Kelley


Move fast and break things.









Keep it simple. Innovations have to be handled by ordinary human beings. Anything too clever , whether in design or execution, is almost bound to fail.

Peter Drucker


Any project that is good enough to make it to Labs probably has a kernel of something interesting in there somewhere, even if the market doesn't respond to it. It's our job to take the product and morph it into something that the market needs.

Google's 9 Notions of Innovation

Eric Schmidt


Researchers always want to go for that last 2% of performance. But it's better to get a sufficient solution out fast and then continue to enhance it.

Mark Dean


Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations... More

Steve Jobs


Innovation is like professional sports: it looks easy , but when you are on the field, you see how complicated and difficult it is.

Luciano Malani


Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Henry Ford

Ford Motor

The practice of R&D involves making mistakes, realizations, corrections, and more mistakes. Trial and error is a fundamental part of the process. Too many managers in corporate America learn to avoid invention and new thinking because they have been convinced that their careers depend upon not making mistakes.

Tom Huff


Learning from mistakes and constantly improving products is a key in all successful companies. Listening to customers is a big part of that effort. You have to study what customers say about their problems with your products and stay tuned into what they want, extrapolating from leading-edge buyers to predict future requirements

Bill Gates


Organizations, by their very nature are designed to promote order and routine. They are inhospitable environments for innovation.

Theodore Levitt

Harvard Business School

Creativity is the generation and initial development of new, useful ideas. Innovation is the successful implementation of those ideas in an organization. Thus, no innovation is possible without the creative processes that mark the front end of the process: identifying important problems and opportunities, gathering relevant information, generating new ideas, and exploring the validity of those ideas.

Teresa Amabile

Harvard Business School

The team stair-stepped to market, never investing ahead of learning.

Bruce Brown

Procter & Gamble

Innovation recipe: 1% of Invention + 99% of Entrepreneurial Action.

Vadim Kotelnikov


The innovation process is similar to jazz: provide a guiding structure and encourage improvisation... More

Vadim Kotelnikov



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