Make coordination easy. Because all members of a team are within a few feet of one another, it is relatively easy to coordinate projects. In addition to physical proximity, each Googler e-mails a snippet once a week to his work group describing what he has done in the last week. This gives everyone an easy way to track what everyone else is up to, making it much easier to monitor progress and synchronize work flow

Google's 9 Notions of Innovation

Eric Schmidt


Firm deadlines and tight budgets keep people focused on creating valuable products and getting them to market as soon as possible... More

Nolan Bushnell


I try to create that same unconstrained environment in the project teams. I do, of course, try to provide focus, set reasonable goals, and map out timelines. I also stress the importance of getting something out there, even if the product isn't 100% of what we envisioned. Researchers always want to go for that last 2% of performance, but I have to remind them that it's better to get a sufficient solution out fast and then continue to enhance it. My main role, though, is not to draw boundaries but to encourage people to keep reaching.

Mark Dean


For projects that are self-contained and have organizational validity and guaranteed support, isolation may be a good option. But few radical innovation projects fit this profile.

Richard Leifer

Harvard Business School



New Products Fast!

Managing Radical Innovation

The Jazz of Innovation