Системные инновации: 7 взаимосвязанных областей






Take a month off and just go away. When you come back, act as if you were just assigned to the business. Just come in brand new, hold all the reviews, and start slicing everything in a different way.

Jack Welch


You need to continuously manage your business model and continuously generate innovative business models. On the one hand you need to improve the business models that make substantial money and on the other hand you need to build and maintain a portfolio of new business models for the future. Some will evolve from the second group into the first. Some will fail. You need that kind of failure to build future growth. If you don’t have that attitude you will end up like the major competitors in the music or news industry. You will be threatened to disappear.

Alexander Osterwalder


IT & business innovation collaboration actually fosters greater understanding of the business in IT and greater appreciation of IT's role in business innovation.

Steve Romero

CA Technologies

Мой опыт показывает, в строительном бизнесе прошлые истории успеха обычно не применимы к новым ситуациям. Мы должны непрерывно изобретать себя заново, отвечать новым веяниям времени новыми бизнес-моделями.

Акио Мори

Mori Trust





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